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Terms and Conditions

The following trading terms and conditions apply to all deliveries from CoolPriser.co.uk.

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§1. Documentation and instructions


If product descriptions and manuals are belonging to the product, they will be attached to the delivery from CoolPriser.co.uk. Any further information or advice from CoolPriser.co.uk will be given in the form of guidance. Coolpriser.co.uk warrants that the products meet the requirements for CE-marking.


§2. Time of delivery, shipping and pick up:


All orders are shipped by PostNord or GLS from Denmark. All orders are being shipped at 3 PM on weekdays. Coolpriser.co.uk is always concerned about shipping our parcels right in time. If your order is not being shipped in time, you will be contacted by us directly. You are supposed to receive your parcel within 3-6 weekdays. (holidays are not considered weekdays).


Some of our products are delivered by 3rd part suppliers, which means that the delivery time could be up to 5-10 weekdays added to the normal delivery time. If you order product(s) from our storage together with product(s) from a 3rd part supplier, the order will be sent as one parcel. We do not split the orders into separate deliveries.


We reserve the right to delay the delivery time due to events not being controlled directly by us.


If we can´t keep the promised delivery time, you will be informed about that. Furthermore we will provide you with a revised delivery time. In that case you are of course justified to cancel your order. You can always cancel your order, if you don´t want to accept a new, revised delivery time caused by delay. You will not be charged for sold out products.


Royal mail delivery time: 3-6 weekdays. Send as a letter to your postbox.


If you have placed an order ,but did not receive your parcel, this could be the cause: If you order concerns a product sent from a remote storage, the product will not be delivered on the same day, even if the order was placed before 3 AM. The delivery time would be as described on the product page. We therefore recommend that you check out the ordered product to determine the delivery time. The parcel will be delivered at your doorstep.

§2.1 Order Confirmation

Immediately after you have placed your online order, you will receive an order confirmation by email. The order confirmation contains among others an order number, name and address of the payer, the payment method, the potential delivery address plus an overview of the ordered products.


Checking previous orders by logging into the website is not possible. If you want to receive a copy of your order confirmation, we kindly ask you to send a mail to:


At the moment we ship the order, you will receive an email with a Track & Trace number plus an invoice related to your order

§2.2 Delivery time for remote storage products

If you have ordered remote storage products, we will not be able to deliver the order within 3-6 days, even if you place your order before 3 PM. The actual delivery time will correspond with the information, that you can find on the specific product subpage, where you placed your order. We therefore recommend you to check the product subpage carefully in order to be familiar with the delivery conditions. If you have ordered items from our inhouse storage as well as from our remote storage, the order will be sent together, once all items are collected in our storage. If you want the goods delivered separately we recommend you to place two separate orders - one for the items in our inhouse storage and one for the items in our remote storage


§3. Security & ID Confirmation:


Coolpriser.co.uk encrypts all your credit card information with the so called SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol). That means that unauthorized individuals, including staff at Coolpriser.co.uk, will not at any time be able to read your card number or any other information during the transaction with PBS.


We don´t withdraw the invoice amount from the account of the cardholder, until the order has been shipped. That of course also applies to orders related to remote storage products.

§3.2 ID Confirmation:

At Coolpriser we emphasize sober and honest online shopping. As an online webshop it will ultimately be us, who has to cover the loss, should an order show up to be placed containing false payment information and/or incorrect contact information.


According to our cooperation agreement with NETS we are at the same time obligated to secure exact informatios about with whom we are doing business. For the same reason Coolpriser.co.uk will frequently conduct random samplings in order to verify the information given by our customers. If you and your order are being picked out for sampling, our customer service will present you to exact instructions regarding the procedure for this control.


In case of disagreement regarding the control procedure or in case you as a customer do not wish to follow the instructions provided by Coolpriser, we reserve our right to cancel your order. Coolpriser would in this connection like to emphasize, that we of course in this situation do not request personal sensitive information


As a customer you will of course always have the right to cancel your order in case it is picked out for sampling.

§3.3 Email Communication

Emails could contain confident information. If you are not the right receiver of an email, or if you receive it due to a mistake, we kindly ask you to inform us about the error using the reply function. At the same time we kindly ask you immediately to delete the email, without forwarding or copying it. Neither may emails be shown to 3rd part or being shown in public.


§4. Complaints:

In order to be able to handle your complaint in the best possible way we kindly ask you to strictly follow our complaint procedure as described in the following:


When returning your products in connection with a complaint, we kindly ask you to inform us about your order number. Furthermore we ask you in short terms to describe the error on the damaged product. It is essential for our judgement of the damage and a potential refund that you follow this procedure.


As soon as we have received your defect product with the above mentioned description of potential errors and shortcomings we will as fast as possible assess the matter. Subsequently you will be contacted on your email address. In case you fulfill the complaint conditions we also may chose to ship you a new product as fast as possible. We strive to treat your case within 14 days after receiving your parcel. In case you haven´t heard from us after 14 days we kindly ask you to contact us on info@coolpriser.co.uk or call us at +45 70777779.


Coolpriser.co.uk offers 24 month reclamation right according to the Danish "Købeloven" The reclamation right includes manufacturing and material defects, found with normal use of the product. The reclamation right does not cover errors, damages or wear & tear directly or indirectly occurred following misuse, poor maintenance, violence or unauthorized intervention. Complains about errors and shortcomings, which should be expected to be determined at common examination of the product, should be reported to Coolpriser.co.uk within reasonable time. Subsequently the product can be returned for repair, exchange or refund. The customer is bound to pay for the shipping cost when the parcel is send - and if your parcel is to be resend.


The customer will have to pay the return costs, in case the product turns out to be flawless or in case of customer operating errors.


If you want to complain about a product, please return it to our mail address: info@coolpriser.co.uk


Always remember to return the product in a safe packing.


§4.1 The goods can be shipped to: Coolpriser, Islevdalvej 185, DK-2610 Rødovre


EU-Commission´s complaint portal can also be used in case of presentation of any complaint. This option is especially relevant if you are a consumer with place of residence in another EU country. Give in your complaint here: http://ec.europa.eu/odr.


When presenting your complaint, remember to add our email address: info@coolpriser.co.uk

§4.2 Returned products with no errors

By return of defect products to Coolpriser.co.uk, where errors or defects defined and indicated by the customer are not to be determined (or where the error is not covered by warranty/reclamation right) the product will be returned to the customer. In some isolated cases a test or handling fee could be added. In case the customer wants the product, he/she will be the one to pay for the shipping. In case the customer does not pay within 14 days, the returned product will be destroyed. The potential fee would be 420,- DKK incl .VAT - minimum one hour is charged. The test fee will be calculated based on the time spend in connection with test and troubleshooting.


The customer will always be contacted before we return products combined with an invoice.


§5. Return rights (please fill out the return label in order to simplify the expedition):

As a customer at Coolpriser you have 14 days right of returning the order, calculated from the day you receive the parcel. In case you decide to regret your order, all you have to do is to return the product in same condition and number as you received it. The packing should not be damaged. When we have received and approved the product, we will within 14 days refund the purchase amount plus shipping cost to your credit card used to conduct the order. You are yourself to pay for shipping cost related to the return of the product. If you have purchased several products from Coolpriser you have the option to return one or more products even though they are purchased under one single order. Please notice that we do not refund the delivery cost if you only regret a fragment of your order.


All shippings bound for Coolpriser.co.uk has to be directed to our postal address.


You also have the option to make use of your return right by returning the goods directly in our mailbox at the postal address.


Goods can be send to: Coolpriser, Islevdalvej 185, DK-2610 Rødovre


§5.1 Regarding the Free Gift

Only one Free Gift will follow your order, regardless how many products you have added to your cart. There will be no minimum purchase amount. In case of pick up the order at our address we only give out 1 Free Gift, regardless how many separate orders you have placed.


§6. Price and payment:

At purchase of iPhone accessories, EasyCAP, various FM transmitters and covers the intact, original packing always will represent a substantial part of the value of the product. Therefore the packing should always be returned with the product in order to make use of the return right.


In this webshop you can order your products online and pay with credit card, Visa Dankort, ViaBill and MobilePay.


All prices are incl. Danish VAT and other taxes. Prices are daily prices.


When you are shopping at Coolpriser all agreements are made in Danish.


When you conduct an online payment with your credit card, you are always secured against abuse. You have the option to reject the payment when you receive your payment history. You have no own risk in case of abuse of your credit cart, when shopping in an online shop using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) in their payment system. In that way you are actually covered better than in the physical world, where you personally are to cover the first 1200 DKK,- should your credit card be abused using your PIN code.


The data which you reveal in connection with an online purchase paid with your credit card is encrypted (SSL) In other words it is only the Danish PBS who can read them. Neither the online webshop nor other parties have any options to read the data.


The amount will only be withdrawn from your account once the goods are being shipped from www.coolpriser.co.uk. We will never withdraw an amount higher than the one which you have accepted during your purchase of the goods. If you chose pick up as your delivery option, the money will be withdrawn from your account as soon as the order is ready for pick up.


§7. Rules regarding self design cases:

Your uploaded images should be in one of the following formats: JPG/JPEG, PNG.


§7.1 Copyright:

It is important that you have secured all necessary right - copyright it is - for the motive, which you want to upload and use for your cover. That applies no matter if it is an image, slogan, logo, brand logo or ordinary text.


Please remember to check the legal status of the motive before upload. The best advice is to ask permission from the owner of the rights. The responsibility for possessing the needed rights is solely yours, and if requested you should be ready to document it.


When uploading a motive to Coolpriser´s server you at the same time automatically confirm the underneath clause:


- I hereby confirm, that I possess the needed right to use the attached motive commercially. Should Coolpriser be contacted by the licensee, I am fully aware that Coolpriser will refer directly to me. It is familiar to me, that violation of copyright of this motive could cause claims of compensation from the licensee.


At Coolpriser we reserve the right to deny use of motives, which according to our opinion could have an offensive effect. Including motives with elements of violence, racism, pornography a.o.


§7.2 Return right for self design covers:

After having uploaded your motive and ordered your covers at Coolpriser.co.uk you will not be able to cancel the order. Your cover motive will likewise not be returned. In case of objectively based reclamations we will send you a new cover in the original ordered design


§7.3 Delivery of self design covers:

We normally ship all our orders on weekdays. In certain cases you should expect to have to wait a few extra days for your self design cover, caused by extra production time. Typical delivery time for this type of product will be 1-5 days..


§8. Personal Data Policy:

We do not store personal sensitive information in cookies, but rather information about the visitors behavior on our website, including username for the login on a website. A cookie is being stored on the user´s personal hard drive together with cached files. A cookie is as such a text file, being sent to your browser from a web server and being stored on your computer´s hard drive. You can set your browser to inform you when you receive a cookie, or you can switch off cookies totally. All the cookies are doing is helping recognizing your computer.


Technically cookies can be divided into two types. One is called "session cookies" - they keep track of what you added to your cart, while you are navigating the webshop. "Session cookies" are not being stored on your computer, they disappear when you turn off the browser.


The second type of cookies is called "permanent cookies". They are being stored as a text file on your computer for app. 1 month. A "permanent cookie" help our server to recognize your computer next time you log into our website


At www.coolpriser.co.uk we use cookies with the purpose of optimize the website and its functionality and hereby make your visit as easy and comfortable as possible.


The data responsible for Coolpriser.co.uk is: Coolpriser.co.uk by/ Ali Omair


You can at any time delete cookies from your computer. In Internet Explorer cookies are being deleted under the menu ”Functions” -> ”Internet settings” -> ”General” -> ”Browser Data/Delete cookies”.


At our website we don´t use log statistic or make traffic analysis of the visitors.


Your personal information:

In order to make any online agreement with www.coolpriser.co.uk you have to register with the following information

• Name • Address • Phone number • Email address

We register the personal information in order to deliver your purchased goods. The personal information is being stored at Coolpriser and are being kept for 5 years, whereafter the information is being deleted.


When collecting personal information through our website, we make sure that it always happens by getting your indisputable consent, so that you are exactly informed about which information are collected and why.


Customer information is not being transmitted in encrypted form.


Information given to www.coolpriser.co.uk will never be forwarded or sold to 3rd. part. We don´t register any personal sensitive information.


As registered at Coolpriser you at any time have the right to complain about the registration. Furthermore you have the right to get insight to which information we hold about you. You are secured these rights through the Danish Persondataloven. Please conduct requests regarding this matter to Coolpriser by email: info@coolpriser.co.uk.


§8.1 Reservations

Images used on our websites are illustrative and could deviate from the original look of the product.


§8.2 Purchasing in our webshop - information duty regarding children and minors (persons under 18 years old)

In order to sign any agreement or purchase goods in our webshop Coolpriser.co.uk you have to be 18 years old. If you are younger you need the consent of your parents.


When paying with credit card you must give in your date of birth in order for us to secure that you are minimum 18 years old. If you are younger, the payment agreement should be conducted by a parent.


A purchase or any agreement could at any time be canceled by a parent, should it occur that the deal has been conducted by a child or a minor under 18 years old. Furthermore it is not allowed children under 18 years to by E-cigaret


Any dispute between this business and our customers are to be solved according to Danish law.


§9. Changes to the present Trading Terms:

Now and then and without previous notice we reserve our right to change the above Trading Terms. We will inform you about such changes on our website. You accept, that your future use of our website and our services, after upload of new versions of these TACs, will work as your accept of these updates.


Order within 15.00 on weekdays and we'll send your order the same day