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Order status – Products with extended delivery time (remote storage)

If you have ordered but still not received a product, it may have the following cause:

If you have ordered a product with extended delivery time, we will not be able to deliver it within 3- 6 working days by Royal Mail. The delivery time will instead of be the one described on the concerned product´s product page.

Therefore we strongly recommend that you generally check out the delivery time for your ordered products on the respective product pages. Please notice that the specified delivery time is counted in working days, and as such weekends are not included

If you have ordered multiple products with various delivery time – for example 3-6 days delivery, 8-12 days delivery – the products will be shipped in one bulk, based on the longest delivery time. If you want a split delivery, we recommend that you place two orders.

The delivery time given on the product page states the extra delivery time. You will always have to add the ordinary deliver time of 3-6 working days. For example the image below shows a delivery time of 8-12 days which means that the package will be sent to Denmark, taking 8-12 days, whereafter it will be sent from Denmark to UK with a 3-6 working days delivery time (all in all 18 working days.

Below you will find a sample of how a product with extended delivery time looks like:


Initially we please ask you to show a bit of patience. Please wait a couple of days before contacting us. Your shipment may have been affected by delays.

Please contact us in case you haven´t received your shipment within the specified delivery time.

At Coolpriser.co.uk we do have more than 35.000 products in stock, which can rapidly be shipped to our customers. We also offer products which are kept at an external storage – this in order to reduce costs and prices.

In order to further keeping our prices as low as possible some of our products are being shipped from abroad. Sometimes these shipments are being picked out for control by the authorities. That may delay the delivery of the parcels. Therefore we take precautions for delays caused by custom clearance.

We do of course regret the disadvantages the potential occured delay may have for you.

Frequent Asked Questions

1. Can I get the product faster?
Unfortunately this is not possible since the product isn´t in stock and therefore needs to be ordered. The delivery time be the one specified at the product. Most products arrives at our storage in Denmark after which they are being repacked before being shipped to the UK.

2. Can I count on receiving my shipment after the specified days?
As soon as you place your order, we will initiate the delivery process. Hereafter you will receive your parcel according to the specified number of (working)days. At rare occasions your parcel could be picked out for custom control. In that case the parcel will undergo custom clearance, which sometimes – however rarely - could delay the delivery.
The advantage of the custom clearance is that the product in this connection is being controlled for trademark forgery and that it meets applicable EU-standards. 98 % of shipments with extended delivery time are being delivered in time.

3. Am I the one to pay custom and VAT?
When you receive your shipment, custom, VAT and other potential charges are already paid for. All expences are included in the price of the parcel.

4. What is the procedure if I order a product in stock or a product with extended delivery time?
In order to reduce delivery costs we will send all your ordered products in one shipment when ready. If you want your products in stock to be delivered immediately, we recommend that you place two separate orders – one regarding the products in stock and one regarding the products with extended delivery time.

5. Will I be noticed by email, when the parcel is being shipped from your storage abroad?
Yes. You will receive an email when the order is being expedited. As soon as the parcel arrives in Denmark, you will receive an email, telling you that the shipment is on its way to the UK..


Order within 15.00 on weekdays and we'll send your order the same day